Zero-emission plywood in Bangalore

How Dhanuka Enterprises Provides Zero Emission Plywood in Bangalore ?

With climate change and overutilization of resources, we have put ourselves and our planet through the worst. It’s time to take a step back and keep check of everything we do. Sustainability and an environment positive lifestyle are the needs of the hour and we are doing our part for it. We at Dhanuka with our experience in the industry over the years and our thirst for innovation have introduced a complete range of Zero-emission plywood in Bangalore and pan India.

Let’s talk a little about what is zero-emission all about. It’s all about formaldehyde emission ratings. Formaldehyde is an ingredient present in the resin used in manufacturing plywood. Long exposure to formaldehyde can affect your health and can be a cause of skin eczema too. Zero emission plywood has very low to no formaldehyde emission and takes care of your health. Using zero-emission plywood for your furniture, fittings, panels, false ceiling, cabinets, etc. can help you in building a healthier space to live in. These plywoods are favored by interior designers, decorators, and architects who are focused on building high-quality and safe interiors.

There are many benefits attached to zero-emission plywood. Let us have a look at it.

  • Healthy space – With a low or no emission rate of formaldehyde, it helps you in creating a healthier space, be it your home or office.
  • Durability– The zero-emission plywood offers health as well as strength. These plywoods are durable give you an interior that you can enjoy for a long period.
  • Improved air quality– Along with low emission, it also improves the air quality, and hence it offers a safer air quality inside your home.

With all the health benefits that this collection of plywood offers, it’s safe to say that it is a perfect option for you if your air for a better and healthier lifestyle. It will help you build a space with better air quality in this over-polluted world.
Wait no more and opt for a healthier and sustainable home today. We are among the top suppliers of zero-emission plywood in Bangalore and we are here to help you with your plywood-related needs. With our dedicated team, we will fulfill all your requirements and deliver you the best quality material for your dream home, that too on time.

Our Product Used In:

Our products are being used for all kind of furniture, in addition to that there are many application where as our products can be used. Some of them are listed as below:
  • Furniture
  • Residential Furniture
    • Apartment
    • Bungalow
    • Farm House
  • Commercial Furniture: General purpose
    • offices
    • Malls
    • Business centers
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Retail stores/ showroom
    • Hostels/ PG accommodation
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants, cafes
    • Cinema hall/ auditorium
    • Airport/metro/railway
    • Government offices
    • Bathroom partitions
  • Loose Furniture
    • Sofa
    • Dining
    • Bench/stool/center table
    • Dressing table
    • Puja unit
    • Book shelf
  • Others
    1. Wooden toys makers & handicraft
    2. Wooden gift articles including mementos
  • Laser & CNC
  1. Visiting card & invitation card
  2. Photo frame & photo lamination
  3. Wooden Die Makers
  • Glass Templates
  • Cake shop
  1. Large storage in factories
  2. Book binding
  3. Exam board
  • Speaker boxes
  1. Prototype for product design
  2. Packing for export
  3. Small package/wooden boxes
  • Drawing boards for artists
  • Building Construction
  1. Vehicle body building & interior
  2. Musical instruments
  3. Air condition ducting line
  • Other industrial uses
  • Signage

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