We specialise in the following product lines:

  1. Plywood and Block Board –wide range of Commercial, MR and Waterproof Grade plywood like:
      • BWP , BWR and MR Plywood and Block Board
      • Calibrated plywood
      • Toy Plywood
      • Aero Plywood
      • Laser Plywood
      • Birch wood & Beech Wood plywood
      • Pre-laminated plywood –one / two sides
      • Solid wood and finger joint plywood: Rubber, Pine & Teak

We are channel partners of Indiana, Carpento, Century Plywood, in addition to imported plywood

  1. Medium & High Density Fiberboard (MDF/ HDF) –Interior and exterior grade. The types include:
      • Plain MDF: Interior, Exterior & HDHMR
      • Pre-laminated MDF: Interior, Exterior & HDHMR
      • Printed MDF& embossed mdf
      • UV Coated Pre-laminated MDF
      • Boilo: Water proof & Fire Retardent
      • Acrylic MDF
      • Pine Wood MDF

We are channel partner of:Tesa MDF, Century MDF & Imported MDF. We can supply in E1 glue, CARB certified products

  1. Particle Board : Interior and Exterior Grade
    • Plain Particle Board: Interior & Exterior Grade
    • Pre-laminated Particle Board: Router(OSR), OSL, BSL

We are channel Partners of Century

  1. Laminates
    • Decorative laminates , MARKER & CHALK GRADE
    • Liner Grade laminates
  2. Hardware
    • Hinges
    • Telescopic Channels

We are channel partners of FGV , Italy (In association with Hindware)

  1. Soft Board/ Pin-up Boards
  2. Edge Banding Tapes: 0.45 mm to 2mm in various widths(including Normal and High Gloss).: Square One
  3. WPC/ PVC : Pacific& other brands
  4. Oriental Strand Board (OSB)
  5. Others: Glue, other hardware, Cement board etc.

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