Plywoods are Eco - Friendly

Wooden Panel based furniture are
the most eco-friendly furniture

This is the fact that Plywood & other panel boards are the most environment friendly products.

Let us understand these in details:

Myth vs Facts

Myth: lots of trees are cut for making plywood , particle boards & mdf

Fact: Timber for making plywood, MDF, Particle boards and other boards are derived from sustainable forests which are replanted. Earlier when Governments were not proactive, they allowed cutting trees and it in turn damaged green cover on the earth. Now due to awareness all over the world, all the governments have made sure that green covers are maintained.
Typical age of plants which are used for making wood panel boards are 3-10 years and more plants are replanted than what is cut and good news is that forest cover is increasing.
Since wooden panel board industry needs large volume to make boards, plants which grow fast and give lots of volume are grown for the purpose.

Myth: A large portion of wood is wasted while making wooden panel boards or used otherwise:

Facts: Almost 100 % of wood substance is used for making various types of boards. Even saw- dust & wood shaving are also used for making chip boards or wood fillers. For MDF & Particle boards, wood are grinded to fiber/ small particles and nothing is wasted. Many a times old wooden furniture are being recycled. In India, many of wood portion, which comes as packing of heavy machinery is sold to plywood manufacturing unit and is used for making Boards.

Myth : Life of the wooden furniture is less, and hence need more of timber to make plywood.

Facts: Plywood or other panel boards are equally durable comparing to any other furniture material alternates. Life of wooden furniture is higher than life cycle of plantation trees (ie 3-10 years as mentioned earlier) . in fact, Supply of plantation based trees for making wooden panel boards is higher than demand by the industry.

Wooden panel boards Vs other alternates:

There are no alternates to wood panel boards furniture which is eco-friendly. Only wood based furniture come from trees which can be re-grown. This is the only product which is bio-degradable.

All other alterative for wooden furniture are causing damage to ecological system and causing global warming. Let us look for some of the alternates:

  • Plastic based: this is derivatives of petroleum and causes emission , global warming and non-biodegradable.
  • Metal based: This again add to global warming and at the same time we have limited resources of Metal on the earth. Weight of the metal is very high.
  • Cement based:
    1. Concrete without rebars does not resist pressure. Resistance to frost/defrost can be a problem too.
    2. maintenance.: It is hard to just change a big piece of wall. So maintenance today is mostly patching to avoid corrosion.
    3. The easy to mix factor needs to be balanced. iv) Environment: The cement industry is doing progress, but concrete is not realistically recyclable today (we can reuse it in road construction, but not with concrete properties) and demands a lot of carbon emission.
  • Stone/marble/granite: though nature, these are not easy to handle, these are breakable and increase dead load of building. Sources for these are limited and supply cant be increased and these are bound to extinguish if used in abundance.
  • Artificial / factory made hybrid boards: these may be combination of plastic, metal, cement, stone / marble and have same demerits as mentioned above.

Wooden Furniture are made of natural products:

Main ingredients in the wooden boards are wood. This makes wooden furniture closest to the nature. This is the biggest advantage of wooden furniture.
Glue & other chemicals are added to make boards in desired thickness and sizes. As these are natural products wooden boards may be prone to reacting to external climate and borer/termite attack. To avoid such situations, proper seasoning of wood is done. Some amount of chemicals are added.
These chemicals create emission, and thanks to awareness, chemicals are glues norms are being regulated and good quality manufacturers use kind of chemical which create minimum emission or are certified as environment friendly, kids safe or non-emitting.

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