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Why Dhanuka Enterprises Is Best Birch Ply in Bangalore ?

Situated at Konankunte post, Dhanuka is one of the active retailers of birch ply in Bangalore. Through a rough market research, you can gather that a lot of people are importing birch ply nowadays.

We understand our customers’ requirement because of which we have come out with this product. Let’s also look at why it is so popular. Most of the professionals such as architects, interior designers, and even furniture manufacturers are demanding birch ply in Bangalore. Of course, this is not only true for Bangalore but true for any other city in the country.

One of the other primary reasons is that birch ply has an elegant look and can be used on anything, say from tables to wardrobes. The ideal thickness of birch for any of the materials you wish to get done is about 19mm. This is because, birch ply is quite sturdy and is the go-to material for your interior furniture.

All plywood is subject to warping. However, birch ply is relatively stronger than most other plywood. The other reason for you to choose birch ply is in being able to use it for joints as the screw-holding is easier and better on this plywood.

Most other plywood have thinner veneer. However, when it comes to birch ply, we get thicker veneers which make it a high-quality plywood and adds to your ROI. You could also use it for decorative purposes as it has rich look and feel.

The birch ply could also be used with thinner inner veneers. This is the go-to ply if you’re looking for anything that has to do with engraving. It is a perfect candidate for laser cutting and engraving. Be the first among your friends and family to get the birch ply.

Another great news is that it is inexpensive which means it helps you save a lot on your budget. This is indeed a boon in an expensive city like Bangalore.

With various benefits, you might already be searching for birch ply in Bangalore. Look no further. Head straight to Dhanuka because we take our time, sit with you and understand your needs and the purpose of buying the birch ply. Sometimes, all you need when you’re in hurry is someone who understands your material requirement. After a thorough discussion with you, we offer you the best birch ply in Bangalore.

Our Product Used In:

Our products are being used for all kind of furniture, in addition to that there are many application where as our products can be used. Some of them are listed as below:
  • Furniture
  • Residential Furniture
    • Apartment
    • Bungalow
    • Farm House
  • Commercial Furniture: General purpose
    • offices
    • Malls
    • Business centers
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Retail stores/ showroom
    • Hostels/ PG accommodation
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants, cafes
    • Cinema hall/ auditorium
    • Airport/metro/railway
    • Government offices
    • Bathroom partitions
  • Loose Furniture
    • Sofa
    • Dining
    • Bench/stool/center table
    • Dressing table
    • Puja unit
    • Book shelf
  • Others
    1. Wooden toys makers & handicraft
    2. Wooden gift articles including mementos
  • Laser & CNC
  1. Visiting card & invitation card
  2. Photo frame & photo lamination
  3. Wooden Die Makers
  • Glass Templates
  • Cake shop
  1. Large storage in factories
  2. Book binding
  3. Exam board
  • Speaker boxes
  1. Prototype for product design
  2. Packing for export
  3. Small package/wooden boxes
  • Drawing boards for artists
  • Building Construction
  1. Vehicle body building & interior
  2. Musical instruments
  3. Air condition ducting line
  • Other industrial uses
  • Signage

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