About Us

Dhanuka ENterprise Pvt ltd

With a diversified product base and experience of more than 24 years, we are one of the largest and growing wood panel boards and related boards suppliers in  India. We have gained Expertise in vast range of products catering to customers for various users such as Furniture manufactures, OEMs, Architects, Interior Designers and others for various uses/ applications such as commercial furniture- offices/ stores, residential furniture including modular kitchen and many other uses. We are supplying Russian Birch plywood & pine wood mdffor various specific usages such as wooden die, toys manufacturing, gift articles etc.

What distinguish us in the business is our continuous search for the products which our customers want. We have bridged gap between what suppliers offer and what customers need. We continuously look for the products to provide solutions to our customers. We don’t consider ourselves as sellers rather solution providers. We have introduced many such products like calibrated plywood, melamine face plywood etc

Why We Are Different

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Some Reason to Choose Us

We focus on these parameters:

Innovations: Bringing new products, bridging gaps between customer & suppliers

Quality: understanding attributes, ingredients and process.

Service: timely delivery, desired size, education,


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